"The body is a prayer, which is to say, a holy thing."

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Unravel is the discovery, the making, the deconstruction, the reconstruction of our relationship with bodies. Our own bodies. Between obligations and expectations, bodily disassociation becomes a coping mechanism for simply existing day to day. Unravel is the honest portrayel of a young woman reconnected with her body and reconnecting the audience back to their's. Fabric ultimately bridges us all, the physical and the spiritual, together. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Arts Aslyum for a night of poetry, art installation, and movement! We don’t have any upcoming performances at the moment, but we hope to perform this again in the future.


Writer, Co-Producer, Performer: Madison Mae Parker
Producer, Director: Mariah Boothe
Editors: Jordan Cooley, Melissa Joy Livermore
Graphic Designers: Kayla Shelley, Danielle Roberts
Set Design: Zophia Mcdougal, Madison Mae Parker,
Mariah Boothe
Lights and Sound: Jana Latchaw