Madison Mae is a writer and a performance artist.


She owes her loud vocals and rambunctious laughter to her Texas roots. She has a BA from Texas A&M University in English Creative Writing (2014). She is currently an Artist-in-Residence with Charlotte Street Foundation for her second year and a Youth Advocate with Mattie Rhodes Center. Previously, she has served as President of Mic Check Poetry, a 501(c ) in Bryan, Texas, as well as Director of Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival. Her past art adventures have led her to be with Transform Arts as an Artist-in-Residence and as Vice President of Write Bloody Publishing. You can find her watching anime and eating hot cheetos on the reg with her cat MeowZaki.



Madison Mae

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Madison Mae's work has been featured on various online channels and projects. She has toured the US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore

Madi Mae Parker is an enigmatic dream—full stop. She’s the writer’s writer, unafraid to seek guidance and inspiration from her convictions, a rarity in a field of art priding impression over substance. Madi commands a truthful and well-crafted exchange between writer and reader, artist and audience. Simply put, she is woman, she is water, and her authoritative and exploratory work forces us to seek our own revelatory shores.
— Florence Davies, The Eckleburg Project Literary Journal Advisor, Administrator of TAMU Writing Center