Madison Mae Parker is a writer and performing artist figuring out what "adulting" truly means.  With affinity for cartoons and anime, particularly Adventure Time and Bee and Puppycat, she would much rather live in these worlds than the one of flesh and blood. Thus, why she creates. She is currently working as an artist in resident with Transform Creative, while also serving as Vice President at Write Bloody Publishing. Having been a member of the Mic Check '13, '14, and '15 Slam Teams, she has also coached the Mic Check 2015 team and competed in various independent festivals such as Women of the World and Texas Grand Slam.  She has spent the past two years serving as President at Mic Check Poetry, a 501(c )3 nonprofit in Bryan, TX, where she also served as Director of Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival and Speak Up! Speak Out! Youth Poetry Slam. Her biggest passion lies within giving others the power of the pen and their voice; she has led a multitude of workshops from one time programs, to extensive 12-week series from high schools, junior highs, juvenile justice centers, universities, art museums, and internationally with the Winnipeg youth poetry scene.   In addition to her poetry experience, she has worked for several presses included having co-founded TAMU's literary magazine, The Eckleburg Project.  Above all else, she is passionate for people and for art because art changes lives. 

Really. It does. 

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